Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Any relationship can become strained at various times. Frequently those involved in the relationship are able to work through whatever the issues or problems are and the relationship returns to what might be thought of as normal.

Sometimes issues in relationships become so complex or difficult or strained that the people involved cannot work through them on their own.

Changes in situations like the other person’s behavior, or financial problems, or health problems, or family problems can trigger issues that are not easily worked through.

In any relationship be it a formal marriage or two people in a committed relationship there are bound to be issues that come forth because there are two independent people trying to live cooperatively together.

The goal of couple’s therapy is to help the people involved better understand each other.

It is through understanding that we are able to learn about each other and hopefully gain a respect for what makes that person the unique individual that they are.

It is through understanding that genuine compromise can be reached and the relationship can be stronger.

The goal is to facilitate understanding that allows each person to make those choices that are right for them.

Sometimes two people might come into therapy “knowing” that the problems are the fault of the other person. This is rarely the case.

Relationships are complex and the dynamics of a relationship are complex and sometimes not clearly seen by each person. It is through facilitating a deeper understanding of each person that genuine growth can occur in a relationship.

Together couples learn how to identify problems without blame and to then work toward how things might be improved in the relationship.

Therapists typically seek to facilitate open communication, problems solving skills, and how to discuss issues in the relationship in a rational way.

Marriage and couples counseling can be short term or long term depending on the length of the relationship and the issues involved.

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