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Ann Bernhardt, PhD

My 44-years of clinical practice includes adults, adolescents, children, and elders in brief and continuing psychotherapy, counseling, psychoeducation, and consultation in life-phase issues in individual...

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Autumn Powell, MFT, ATR

Hello, I am Autumn Powell. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and also a Registered Art Therapist. Essentially, I am someone who encourages people to discover the best version of themselves. I help children and adults who seek improved self-confidence and positive relationships, but despite their greatest efforts struggle...

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Barbara Hayes, MFT

Are you dealing with anxiety, depression, or negative behaviors due to stress from life’s transitions or difficult relationships? I use techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and other therapies to provide both short-term relief as well as long-term resolution...

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Bert Sheckler-Smith, MFT

Whether you are looking for a therapist for the first time, or looking for the right therapist this time, I have the clinical skills and compassionate understanding that you need to solve your or your child’s emotional and behavioral problems...

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Beth Fox, MFT

Sometimes as adults we discover that our ability to make decisions, to love someone, to accept the love of someone else, to feel peace and inner calm, to find the motivation to accomplish goals, to forgive a betrayal, to have self acceptance and confidence is limited...

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Christy L. Schurman, PhD

I work with adults and families in an interactive, collaborative approach to therapy. In a safe, supportive environment, attention is given to what is causing distress, and ways are explored to help people deal with life’s problems...

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Diana Poulson, MFT

Life certainly presents us with challenges! There are ups and downs, twists and turns, and sometimes we need help to sort it all out. When we can slow things down a bit, I always marvel at our ability to navigate through troubles and transitions to find creative solutions...

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Ellen Breisacher, MFT

In my work as a therapist, I like to focus on making clients feel safe, comfortable and accepted. While my approach is very direct, honest, and interactive, it is also important to me to bring a sense of warmth, caring and compassion to my work...

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Jeff Palmer, MFT

My experience includes over 20 years as a therapist in settings ranging from private practice to group homes. Having worked with so many individuals, couples and families over the years I have truly come to appreciate how valuable your time is...

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Karen Phillips, PhD

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 30 years of experience working with adults and adolescents.  I specialize in trauma-informed brain and body focused psychological treatment.  In addition to traditional talk psychotherapy, I use Brainspotting* as a particular method to help patients heal from trauma, improve performance, and expand health and creativity.

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Keith Kilburn, MFT

From depth psychology to practical problem-solving – Keith Kilburn has practiced meditation for 35 years and Tai Chi for 33 years. In a former life he taught classes in these disciplines at Santa Rosa Junior College. He raises sheep, and likes to build things, take fine photos....

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Kimberly Walker DeMattei, MFT

I specialize in working with people of all ages who are experiencing grief due to an impactful loss or the death of a loved one

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Lana B. Reuter LMFT

All of us are faced with life’s daily stressors, as well as, unexpected traumatic life events that often require a partner to help us process our feelings and reactions. Psychotherapy can often allow us to feel heard in this chaotic world....

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Loren Gerstein, PhD

I am a licensed psychologist with years of experience providing psychotherapy to people who are suffering and just not sure how to proceed in healing and recovery. Working with depression, anxiety, stress, grief, and all kinds of relationship issues...

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Lori Davis, PsyD

In my practice, I see children, adolescents, adults, couples and families for both short and long-term therapy. My approach to therapy is integrative, often drawing on Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral, Object Relations, Family Systems, and Attachment theories...

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Matt Dalsing, MFT

I am a directive, passionate, therapist with over 27 years in the field of psychology working with adolescents, adults, couples, and families.

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Pamela Collins, MFT

I like the saying that life is what happens while we are busy making other plans. If you are currently considering enlisting the aid of a therapist, my guess is that not all is going according to plan! Feeling alone can make the process of navigating life’s curve balls even more challenging...

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Patrea Hibberd-Miller, MFT

I believe that each of us is unique. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures. People suffer in different ways and pain can manifest itself through our mental health in various forms such as depression, anxiety, maladaptive behaviors and a myriad of physical and health problems...

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Patricia Clark, MFT

Pat Clark, as a former educator, enjoys working with families, couples, and individuals in exploring different ways to view their lives and developing strategies for making them work better. She is very interactive and comes primarily from a cognitive behavioral perspective...

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Peter Pondolfino, PsyD

Psychotherapy is an uncluttering process, one that leads to a clearer understanding of ourselves and others. Through this process, choices become clearer and our true nature re-emerges. Anxiety, depression, angry feelings, conflict, and confusion...

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Peter Pretkel, PsyD

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons including stress, unhappiness, loss, traumatic life experience, problems with emotions or relationships, or difficulty with symptoms such as depression or anxiety. Some come as well for personal growth or for reaching specific life goals...

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Priya Sowerby, MFT

Through individual therapy it is possible to change old patterns, reduce anxiety, and feel more centered and empowered. In an atmosphere of caring and acceptance, Priya helps people learn to identify and express deep feelings that have often been long ignored...

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Richard Shoninger, LCSW

Life presents many challenges and obstacles that can make reaching your goals difficult. Everyone faces frustrations, disappointments, loss, rejections, and other experiences that make it difficult to cope and remain on track with their lives. Whether these challenges are mild, moderate...

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Ritu Esbjorn, PhD, MFT

People are meant to be happy. That was a realization I had as a young child, and after many years, I still feel that’s the case. It took some time to see that there are good reasons people are not always happy. Life brings so many challenges, and there are as many ways of meeting...

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Robert Mosby, PhD

I believe that psychotherapy is about helping people find their own truth and strengths. To accomplish this, you have to discover and change those things that do not fit who you really are. Once this is accomplished you frequently find that your own wisdom and knowing bubbles right up...

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Tamara Ice, MFT

Life is a series of stories, reactions, and interpretations. Finding balance, energy, security, hope, and inspiration often require us to look at the stories we’ve been telling ourselves. Changing your interpretation of a story can revitalize you...

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Terry Marshall, MFT

I specialize in helping my clients manage stress, heal trauma, and improve their relationships. I provide therapy for many issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, major life transitions, and relationship stress.

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Therese Smith, MFT

Once core issues are understood you will be on your way to making permanent changes that last. In a safe environment we will explore areas of your life that are not satisfying and together we will find solutions...

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Tricia Coxhead, RPT, MFT

I am licensed as a Marriage Family therapist as well as a Physical Therapist. My interest in psychotherapy came from my observation and subsequent realization/understanding of the close relationship between the body and mind as I worked in the field of physical therapy...

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